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  Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility - the European Business Campaign: CSR. It simply works better
  Clarks Wood Company Ltd and Y.Goldberg & Sons Ltd have developed their guidlines for Corporate Social Responsibility which is continuously being reappraised and assessed by its Board of Directors.
A review of the companies activities was initiated with particular attention to :-
Management Standard
Social Responsible Investment
Environmental Standards and Practices
  Code of ConductAs past members of the Timber Trade Federation it was a priority to recognise the TTF Code of Conduct which it was felt went part way towards giving our customers an assurance of our purchasing policies. Whilst we no longer remain within the Timber Trade Federation we have found it even more important to maintain the standards of the Federation as a minimum requirement of our future policies.
Greater Transparency of our processes is given the highest priority and it is vitally important that our chosen suppliers have the same degree of openness. When purchases are made our customers can be sure that due care in the selection of supplier has been followed.
Regular Board meetings review the activities of the Group, and its progress in matters relating to procurement, social and environmental issues are scrutinised. In a rapidly changing market place it is imperative that we respond to the social issues which may affect our staff, our customers and our local community.
Education is crucial to business progress, and staff and management areTRADA encouraged to participate in the developement of learning skills and processes which are under constant review through our ISO9000 progamme. Regular auditing and continuous review of our business activities ensure that the very best service can be given to our customers. Audits include Environmental Chain of Custody for our purchase and sale of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber. Forest Stewardship Council
Our sources of certified timber are constantly changing and it is important that our staff are aware of the latest information relating to technical data, origin, suitability, availability, of species available. Updated avilabilities can be found on our web page at "e-forest" together with details of our Chain of Custody.Wood for Good
There are many programs which have been put together by the Timber Trade, one of which is Wood for Good. These initiatives help to creat a better image for a trade which has been tarnished in the past by bad practice and a lack of genuine concern for the products which it relies on for its success. Clarks Wood Company Ltd and Y.Goldberg & Sons Ltd support these initiatives and endorse the commitment of these initiatives to the future of timber in a well managed environment.
Developement ProgrammeCSR
Performance Performance
Performance Targets - Future Sustainability strategy
Performance Successes - A Strong Environmental PolicyCSR
Performance Health and Safety - Well Managed with regular Risk assesssment.
Performance Training - ISO 9000 Audited programme
Performance CommunicationCSR
Performance Management
Performance Industrial Relations
Performance Work Environment - progressive and transparent system with regular stakeholder participation.

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